Week 11: which Path

God always gives me so much clarity that sometimes I don’t even see it until the moment is long gone. It makes me be more conscious about situations throughout my life and why they’re occurring and my growth from it. Spiritual growth is so important to me. I must say I have grown so much as a person since I truly found god 2 years ago. Not only was my life a complete battle, but my inner self was lost. I didn’t understand my purpose and I wasn’t holding myself to my worth.
Since then I have gotten to know god and how much he loves. And I’ve gotten to know myself worth and hold myself high on the pedestal. That means no more relationships where I’m not being treated like the royalty that I am. No more negative individuals bombarding my zen. There is so much peace and grace that I hold within and in anything I do I believe 100% its for a reason.


Week 10: I see you

I woke up this morning with the trees staring at me through the window. I  couldn’t help but to lay still and appreciate the colors it had to offer and how graceful it was. Life is such a fast pace  movement that sometimes its those little things I take for advantage and not knowing I do. Just like the stars, I always look up to the sky seeking guidance from the man above. Its something about mother nature that always puts me at ease. I’m really exited to go to Hawaii and meet all my fellow people who did the mkmma with me. I’m excited to mastermind with them and hear all their different stories!!

Week 9: The Battle Within

I love talking to people and hearing their perspective on ideas. It brings wisdom to the table and I get the advantage of gaining knowledge. I’ve grown to be a person that is intuitive and an observer. Someone I know always says that a true leader makes themselves stand out and always make their voice be heard… Well I disagree. A leader is naturally someone who stands out and doesn’t have to be heard. People will watch what they do then follow.


Week 8: Enjoying Myself

Before I moved to Dallas I made a point to take myself on a date at least once a week. And this is the first time since May, boy have i missed it. It amazes me to see my generation so dependent on each other because they don’t want to be alone. As I learn more about myself I have come to the conclusion that I am best when I am alone. The most fun times I have had are by myself!!! I want to share one of my favorite quotes


I love this quote and time after time I have shared this with many women who believe they need a significant other to be happy. I know that loving who I am and love spending time with myself it puts my soul at peace and I live with grace. In any relationships I am secure because of it. I know that is the most powerful thing to obtain. I do have to give credit to the higher power of course. Putting full faith in him I am able to be free!!

Week 7: Defining my Definite Major Purpose


Writing out my DMP has been a big challenge for me because I am such a firm believer in not being able to plan my life out because god knows what plan he has for me and sometimes I feel when i have tried on many occasions to plan my life out it doesn’t go the way i was expecting it to.
With that being said this course has definitely been a struggle for me to be optimistic about my life and future self. Day by day though I come more and more at ease with the write out of my DMP and in hopes that the idea of my future self is what god created me to be.

Week 5: waves

Do you ever just sit and close your eyes and go to a happy place…. I don’t. My present is my happy place. I read a post today….


I thought man I am way ahead of them, I can only imagine where I’ll be when I’m the age they are now. 🙂 I pray to god everyday to keep me humble and grounded as well as guide me down the path I was created to venture down. Music is the most amazing sound ever invented. 🎼🎷🎹🎤🎺. The fact that certain instruments can stimulate certain neurons is such a mind blowing fact. I understand why music therapy was created. Growing up I wanted to be a sex therapist for the longest. I have always found sex to be fascinating as well as the human body. I say quite frequently that I would’ve fit right in the hippie era. No care in the world, no cell phones, no high tech computers, less hatred more love. 📵🌍🌈
I feel bad for the generation now, relationships aren’t what they use to be. Its mind blowing how high the divorce rates have risen. I plan to be a positive influence to aide this generation to healthy and functional relationships. 💞💞✌