Week 17A: Gravity is Irrelevant

I’m walking down the long sidewalk with many people shoulder to shoulder in the big city of New York. I hault to a stop when I notice a small red bird flying by. I hold my hand out so it can land it’s small feet on. As it lands the environment around me starts to slow down  immensely. I whisper to the bird and it takes off. I look around to see that everyone is back to walking their normal pace and focused on their path.
I look up and smile, the power of control is an amazing feeling. I know I’m a rare breed and I obtain a quality within that no one can comprehend. Not only do I have control over animals and people, I also have control over time, objects, and events taking place.
I’m unstoppable. I gain strength the more I study my ability. The more knowledge I know about my special trait the more it grows to be stronger and expand.
I’m sitting in a bistro in the lower part of Queens where there isn’t many non-violent neighborhoods. I’m thinking to myself what my next adventure will be. I keep hearing whispers. Pain, betrayal, greed, jealousy, hatred, excitement. I look around to see if I’m the only one who can hear them.
As Im gazing out the window looking confused I realized those whispers are thoughts. In that instant moment a man was walking by with his what it looked like grandma. She had a big grin on her face. Turns out it wasn’t his grandma it was a blind lady who didn’t know which direction she was going trying to find her favorite I’ve cream parlor. That was the reason her grin covered her face.


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