Week 16: Come and Gone


Time! Time is such an important factor in life.
     I know for me there has been times where there isn’t enough time. I’ve learned to appreciate time as I mature into my adulthood. And such little amount we have! So much happens in such a short amount of time. A caterpillar turns into a butterfly. An new born starts to crawl.         
   A man meets a woman and they fall in love. A grandfather takes his last breathe. These moments created in life tend to be taken for granite at times. My life slows down as I pay attention to what goes on around me.  My happiness continues to increase as I just watch all of the events occurring in my life. I give so much gratitude to god. For my 100%  faith and hope in god is what got me to peace.


Week 15: Making an impact

   It felt so good to be able to meet a new face and hear their story. I get so excited when I reminisce on the moment when I was sitting across from her at dinner. I was like a sponge just listening to her story. So strong. So young. No one should ever experience the trauma she did at such a young age.
      I felt like I was looking in the mirror and seeing my younger me.
To be able to listen and comprehend those feelings coming out of her mouth built a unique bond cause she knew that ” I get It”.
     I realized my strength within myself. Her seeing someone overcome and concur gave her a tremendous amount of hope and comfort that everything will be okay.

Week 14: Life is a Movie and I’m the Star


What a great year 2015 was. It was full of laughter, heartbreak, great people, bad people, new opportunities, new places. Just a lot of new experiences. So much growth within myself, spiritual, and even the relationships that are in my life. Looking back I see that year by year is different. Never reoccurring events or situations. That’s so exciting!!! I’m excited to meet my future self in 5 years. And will then will be ecstatic to meet my future self!!