Week 13: My Own Capabilities

   I was reading what I have written so far in by book I am going to publish. I was amazed to see the words that I wrote 6 months go on paper. I was near tears to see how much emotion and words of painted pictures were put on there. It solidified that I have always been in tune and one with myself.   
   Through my middle school and high school years I found myself writing poetry. It was a healthy coping mechanism I learned to work through my abuse. I’ll never forget the day my A.P. Language teacher had created an assignment for us to write a story without being wordy and it had to be in poetry format. Out of all the papers turned in I was one of the 4 or 5 he chose to read in front of class as anonymous.
    As he was reading I was scoping the class looking at everyone’s facial expressions as the poetry vivid poetry words were flowing through his mouth. I can’t remember what I wrote word for word but I do remember it was a story that was painted on a canvas.


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