Week 13: My Own Capabilities

   I was reading what I have written so far in by book I am going to publish. I was amazed to see the words that I wrote 6 months go on paper. I was near tears to see how much emotion and words of painted pictures were put on there. It solidified that I have always been in tune and one with myself.   
   Through my middle school and high school years I found myself writing poetry. It was a healthy coping mechanism I learned to work through my abuse. I’ll never forget the day my A.P. Language teacher had created an assignment for us to write a story without being wordy and it had to be in poetry format. Out of all the papers turned in I was one of the 4 or 5 he chose to read in front of class as anonymous.
    As he was reading I was scoping the class looking at everyone’s facial expressions as the poetry vivid poetry words were flowing through his mouth. I can’t remember what I wrote word for word but I do remember it was a story that was painted on a canvas.


Week 12: When the lights looking at me and I can only look Past

I’m sitting here in the airport waiting for my flight to arrive so I can get back home. Its funny how god has a sense of humor.
Originally i was going to stay with my family for the holidays until Tuesday. However there was an individual in my ear telling me otherwise. Work was more important than the ones I love. The storm that passed through Dallas had hit Missouri the day I arrived to St. Louis. Little did I know my flight was 1 of 1300 flights to be canceled on Monday morning.
I was disappointed to not be able to follow through with work on Monday morning. What I was able to do is work on my future me all day and I felt so accomplished and rejuvenated.
I began to resume my biography I’m wanting to publish in fall of 2016.
I started looking into summer classes to finish my degree and I picked my pin to continue to map out my business plan for my nonprofit.
I am sooooooo excited to meet the new year and the many wonderful things that will come with it.
I’ve realized these passed few days that I have a ways to go to get to where I want to be, but it is so exciting to take the steps to get there and get closer to meeting my future self everyday.

Week 11: which Path

God always gives me so much clarity that sometimes I don’t even see it until the moment is long gone. It makes me be more conscious about situations throughout my life and why they’re occurring and my growth from it. Spiritual growth is so important to me. I must say I have grown so much as a person since I truly found god 2 years ago. Not only was my life a complete battle, but my inner self was lost. I didn’t understand my purpose and I wasn’t holding myself to my worth.
Since then I have gotten to know god and how much he loves. And I’ve gotten to know myself worth and hold myself high on the pedestal. That means no more relationships where I’m not being treated like the royalty that I am. No more negative individuals bombarding my zen. There is so much peace and grace that I hold within and in anything I do I believe 100% its for a reason.

Week 10: I see you

I woke up this morning with the trees staring at me through the window. I  couldn’t help but to lay still and appreciate the colors it had to offer and how graceful it was. Life is such a fast pace  movement that sometimes its those little things I take for advantage and not knowing I do. Just like the stars, I always look up to the sky seeking guidance from the man above. Its something about mother nature that always puts me at ease. I’m really exited to go to Hawaii and meet all my fellow people who did the mkmma with me. I’m excited to mastermind with them and hear all their different stories!!

Week 9: The Battle Within

I love talking to people and hearing their perspective on ideas. It brings wisdom to the table and I get the advantage of gaining knowledge. I’ve grown to be a person that is intuitive and an observer. Someone I know always says that a true leader makes themselves stand out and always make their voice be heard… Well I disagree. A leader is naturally someone who stands out and doesn’t have to be heard. People will watch what they do then follow.