Week 8: Enjoying Myself

Before I moved to Dallas I made a point to take myself on a date at least once a week. And this is the first time since May, boy have i missed it. It amazes me to see my generation so dependent on each other because they don’t want to be alone. As I learn more about myself I have come to the conclusion that I am best when I am alone. The most fun times I have had are by myself!!! I want to share one of my favorite quotes


I love this quote and time after time I have shared this with many women who believe they need a significant other to be happy. I know that loving who I am and love spending time with myself it puts my soul at peace and I live with grace. In any relationships I am secure because of it. I know that is the most powerful thing to obtain. I do have to give credit to the higher power of course. Putting full faith in him I am able to be free!!


Week 7: Defining my Definite Major Purpose


Writing out my DMP has been a big challenge for me because I am such a firm believer in not being able to plan my life out because god knows what plan he has for me and sometimes I feel when i have tried on many occasions to plan my life out it doesn’t go the way i was expecting it to.
With that being said this course has definitely been a struggle for me to be optimistic about my life and future self. Day by day though I come more and more at ease with the write out of my DMP and in hopes that the idea of my future self is what god created me to be.