Week 5: waves

Do you ever just sit and close your eyes and go to a happy place…. I don’t. My present is my happy place. I read a post today….


I thought man I am way ahead of them, I can only imagine where I’ll be when I’m the age they are now. ūüôā I pray to god everyday to keep me humble and grounded as well as guide me down the path I was created to venture down. Music is the most amazing sound ever invented. 🎼🎷🎹🎤🎺. The fact that certain instruments can stimulate certain neurons is such a mind blowing fact. I understand why music therapy was created. Growing up I wanted to be a sex therapist for the longest. I have always found sex to be fascinating as well as the human body. I say quite frequently that I would’ve fit right in the hippie era. No care in the world, no cell phones, no high tech computers, less hatred more love. 📵🌍🌈
I feel bad for the generation now, relationships aren’t what they use to be. Its mind blowing how high the divorce rates have risen. I plan to be a positive influence to aide this generation to healthy and functional relationships. 💞💞‚úĆ


Week 4: Looking Inside Out

Have you ever just sat and looked at a dog and wondered what they think about, or if they even had thoughts like humans. They say that you can tell a lot about a dog owner from their dog because they are resemblance to each other. My newest challenge to myself is mastering punctuality. Being so free spirited and carefree allows being punctual to be irrelevant. That mentality of “I’ll get there when I get there” with the exception of being on time for high priority occasions. There has been some major progress since I have been given more responsibilities with my current occupation. I love how unpredictable life is and you never know what life events you will encounter until you do.

Week 3 Transformation

I’m intrigued how the MasterKey course forces me to think and fully process my thoughts and how they lead to action. It puts me at ease knowing that I’m on the right track on being successful with anything I endure because of how my brain operates. I’ve always believed that I am a unique individual, but never understood how or why. The 2 big questions that no other person can explain by facts. All I seek in life is grace and harmony, everyone should experience that in their lives. Life is so peaceful and stress free when you live by that. Eliminating all negativity whether it’s people or thoughts really makes you view life differently and appreciate it so much more. Growing up all I ever wished for was money to be irrelevant and everyone love and accept each other for who they are. I like to think I was a hippie in my previous life! I have seen myself come such a long way in the past year. Not only maturing with my spiritual relationship with god and putting my full faith into him. Also gaining peace and a phenomenal amount of strength, strength that can’t be comprehended. My well being was designed to impact individuals in all phases of life and in every situation plausible. I love the person I am today, I love the person I am becoming, and I love the person I will be.

Week 2- Fallen and Will Get Up

Another week another dollar. What is the world coming to. I feel saddened for the generations that are coming up behind me. The struggles they will have to face I can only imagine and I empathize for them deeply. Life is what we make it seem, but only we are the ones to accomplish what we want to happen. I love life. I know that I am a rare breed and I am often
underestimated.¬† I know that my definite purpose in the long run will make an impact on millions of people and celebrities will be irrelevant. I’m excited to see what my future holds, day by day I plug away at being a better me. Loving who you are is the most important key to living a honest happy life. I grew up with a diverse background and was a very fortunate little girl. Things aren’t always how they look however. Even though the outside of my childhood seemed very structured behind closed doors was a different story. A story that I withhold for the right moment and time. It was a blessing being able to travel and experience all sorts of life, but there is always a toll. I love that October is sexual assault awareness month and we are making our community more aware about what is going on in our surroundings not only for society, but also for the children that are blossoming in this era. I love to watch myself grow day by day. It amazes me how the human brain operates! I wish to get to know myself better in the mkmma course this year and become a more sensual and in tune spirit than I already am.

Week 1- The start of a new Journey

This is my first blog in mkmma. The first class brought all types of emotions; I was anxious by what was going to be said. There was a lot of information however I did lose interest midway through class and started to tune out. I know that this first class session was just like the first day of a college course when the professor goes over the subjects we will be learning followed by all the class regulations. I don’t really know what to write… My thoughts are very speratic. Its funny how my color code came up as a red, but I am not the most desicive person in the world. Fear. Where does fear generate from… My biggest fear is being fearless and full of life. Not many people can empathize with why I think, do, and feel the way I do. I don’t mind it though, I’ve gotten use to being alone. I quite enjoy it, no one judges me for what I think or say. One of my favorite quotes makes a ¬†statement about embracing being alone and learn to love yourself by yourself. I agree 100% because when you look at the big picture no one can truly have a successful relationship if they ate not happy with themselves. That’s one of the many issues that I have had in any of my past intimate relationship. I always take what happens in life as a lesson learned and apply that wisdom gained in the future. The human brain is the most interesting organ in the human body. The mind intrigues me. I thought about becoming a child of abuse psychologist or a Special Victims Unit investigator. I think it should be a requirement for everyone to take communication courses before they can enter into life. It is amazing how much those courses have strengthened the way I ¬†communicate, but it has also enhanced all the relationships I maintain in my life simply because I know how to empathize and read somebody without them having to express how they feel. It is amazing to see myself grow day by day and really learn who I am. I have always known that I am a unique individual and time after time it had been proven to me. A lot of people my age are not as advanced in the way that they think like I am. I can only imagine what my future brings but I know whatever it is, I will take over the world!!!!