Week 17A: Gravity is Irrelevant

I’m walking down the long sidewalk with many people shoulder to shoulder in the big city of New York. I hault to a stop when I notice a small red bird flying by. I hold my hand out so it can land it’s small feet on. As it lands the environment around me starts to slow down¬† immensely. I whisper to the bird and it takes off. I look around to see that everyone is back to walking their normal pace and focused on their path.
I look up and smile, the power of control is an amazing feeling. I know I’m a rare breed and I obtain a quality within that no one can comprehend. Not only do I have control over animals and people, I also have control over time, objects, and events taking place.
I’m unstoppable. I gain strength the more I study my ability. The more knowledge I know about my special trait the more it grows to be stronger and expand.
I’m sitting in a bistro in the lower part of Queens where there isn’t many non-violent neighborhoods. I’m thinking to myself what my next adventure will be. I keep hearing whispers. Pain, betrayal, greed, jealousy, hatred, excitement. I look around to see if I’m the only one who can hear them.
As Im gazing out the window looking confused I realized those whispers are thoughts. In that instant moment a man was walking by with his what it looked like grandma. She had a big grin on her face. Turns out it wasn’t his grandma it was a blind lady who didn’t know which direction she was going trying to find her favorite I’ve cream parlor. That was the reason her grin covered her face.


Week 17: The Stepping Stone

During a sermon a preacher said ” god works best in the times we are broken most” that always stuck with me because I realize how my life has life altered and progresses for the better when things are shaken up.


At first I would get distraught when life wasn’t in order and get emotionally overwhelmed.¬†
Being involved with the mkmma and reading the material and masterminding is such a cool experience because I get to see myself grow and gain more internal strength. I see myself getting more and more involved with the mkmma because I am witnessing my transition to my future self.
There is so much peace within and I love spreading that to others. There isn’t enough peace and genuine love in this world. It’s nice to know this course is pulling those inner positive feelings out of us all so we can impact others and create a movement.

Week 16: Come and Gone


Time! Time is such an important factor in life.
     I know for me there has been times where there isn’t enough time. I’ve learned to appreciate time as I mature into my adulthood. And such little amount we have! So much happens in such a short amount of time. A caterpillar turns into a butterfly. An new born starts to crawl.         
   A man meets a woman and they fall in love. A grandfather takes his last breathe. These moments created in life tend to be taken for granite at times. My life slows down as I pay attention to what goes on around me.  My happiness continues to increase as I just watch all of the events occurring in my life. I give so much gratitude to god. For my 100%  faith and hope in god is what got me to peace.

Week 15: Making an impact

   It felt so good to be able to meet a new face and hear their story. I get so excited when I reminisce on the moment when I was sitting across from her at dinner. I was like a sponge just listening to her story. So strong. So young. No one should ever experience the trauma she did at such a young age.
      I felt like I was looking in the mirror and seeing my younger me.
To be able to listen and comprehend those feelings coming out of her mouth built a unique bond cause she knew that ” I get It”.
     I realized my strength within myself. Her seeing someone overcome and concur gave her a tremendous amount of hope and comfort that everything will be okay.

Week 14: Life is a Movie and I’m the Star


What a great year 2015 was. It was full of laughter, heartbreak, great people, bad people, new opportunities, new places. Just a lot of new experiences. So much growth within myself, spiritual, and even the relationships that are in my life. Looking back I see that year by year is different. Never reoccurring events or situations. That’s so exciting!!! I’m excited to meet my future self in 5 years. And will then will be ecstatic to meet my future self!!

Week 13: My Own Capabilities

   I was reading what I have written so far in by book I am going to publish. I was amazed to see the words that I wrote 6 months go on paper. I was near tears to see how much emotion and words of painted pictures were put on there. It solidified that I have always been in tune and one with myself.   
   Through my middle school and high school years I found myself writing poetry. It was a healthy coping mechanism I learned to work through my abuse. I’ll never forget the day my A.P. Language teacher had created an assignment for us to write a story without being wordy and it had to be in poetry format. Out of all the papers turned in I was one of the 4 or 5 he chose to read in front of class as anonymous.
    As he was reading I was scoping the class looking at everyone’s facial expressions as the poetry vivid poetry words were flowing through his mouth. I can’t remember what I wrote word for word but I do remember it was a story that was painted on a canvas.

Week 12: When the lights looking at me and I can only look Past

I’m sitting here in the airport waiting for my flight to arrive so I can get back home. Its funny how god has a sense of humor.
Originally i was going to stay with my family for the holidays until Tuesday. However there was an individual in my ear telling me otherwise. Work was more important than the ones I love. The storm that passed through Dallas had hit Missouri the day I arrived to St. Louis. Little did I know my flight was 1 of 1300 flights to be canceled on Monday morning.
I was disappointed to not be able to follow through with work on Monday morning. What I was able to do is work on my future me all day and I felt so accomplished and rejuvenated.
I began to resume my biography I’m wanting to publish in fall of 2016.
I started looking into summer classes to finish my degree and I picked my pin to continue to map out my business plan for my nonprofit.
I am sooooooo excited to meet the new year and the many wonderful things that will come with it.
I’ve realized these passed few days that I have a ways to go to get to where I want to be, but it is so exciting to take the steps to get there and get closer to meeting my future self everyday.